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Hello there! I'm Madi, residing in a charming Rocky Mountain town where there is enough wild to win my heart and spark my creations. Here, life is brimming with my husband, two little ones, a large handful of animals, a hopeful garden, travel adventures, never-ending old house projects, and, of course, my creative work! Tired? Yes, I am! But wouldn't change a thing!

The wild and precious life we live inevitably influences my craft. You'll find evidence in the raw and refined nature of my pieces, the critters that find their way into my designs, and the fact that the materials that I get to work with come straight from the earth—an awe-inspiring truth. My collections encompass both fleeting, one-of-a-kind pieces and a consistent Folksy line, available in shops and online. Folksy is the eponym for the folks in my family who set this creative path before me.

Creating is not just a choice for me; it's ingrained in my being. With a family history spanning over 80 years in jewelry, watches, and clocks, I realize the privilege of continuing this heritage. In my own way of course! I hope my pieces contribute to your unique style and ongoing legacy, offering soulful treasures meant to be passed down for generations.

Handmade Since 1944

In the 1940s, my Great-Grandfather, a mill worker, faced a change of stars when he lost his leg in a machinery accident. Given a list of about thirty trades for retraining, he chose jewelry and watchmaking, establishing his shop in 1944.


Twenty years later, his son purchased the family business and eventually moved the shop to a small rural town. I ate up the stories of that time; my grandpa, crafting custom cowboy buckles and bedazzling cowboy boots, and the abundant Native American jewelry and turquoise in the area. While my grandfather might highlight different aspects, these are the tales that have resonated with me. Totally worth mentioning and too often missing from the story, is my grandmother a behind-the-scenes powerhouse, who played a pivotal role in their shop's 50-year legacy. I deeply admire my grandparents. They are both massive life, business and creative examples to me. The kind of people who show up for you....always! Why? "Because you're family."


A few years ago, my grandpa retired. In a poignant and exciting moment, I acquired some of the shop tools and supplies. Tears may have been shed by all—marking both an emotional ending and a thrilling new beginning. The fact that I get to continue this heritage is a completely cherished journey. I have a lot to learn and big shoes to fill but can not believe how lucky I am to do it!

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